New friends on planes

I ordered a coffee with Baileys, and she ordered a Diet Coke with pretzels. She was in the seat next to me, and my cat Derrière was in the carrier at my feet, meowing, and she wasn’t even complaining. She was smiling, actually, and trying to hide it.

When the flight attendant handed me the coffee the girl caught a whiff and muttered “ohh that was a good idea.” She wasn’t looking at me particularly, or talking to me particularly, but I answered anyway, “You should definitely get one.”

She looked at me with a small, rueful smile sitting on the corner of her mouth. I pretended not to notice too much. She turned to the flight attendant in the aisle and changed her order as politely as she could, then turned to me while reaching for her purse under the seat (next to Derrière) and asked if I happened to know how much a shot of Baileys cost.

I already had two free drink coupons in my hand, and with my own sly smile I raised and waved them a little bit. “Nothing this time.” Her eyes widened and her irises smiled back at me. (A true smile.)